How To Get a Beautiful Smile With usmile Electric Toothbrushes?

By Mylene, 2022/02/24

Do you want to display whiter teeth and take care of them on a daily basis with a simple habit to integrate into your beauty routine? Why not just switch to an electric toothbrush? The usmile brand offers 3 models from €59.99 which have particularly convincing features: intelligent timer to facilitate brushing, charge of only 4 hours which lasts up to 6 months and optimal efficiency to eliminate dental plaque, the arguments clearly make you want to be seduced. We immediately take stock of the different advantages of the usmile P1, Y1S and P4 electric toothbrushes to help you find the one that suits you best.


usmile p1 sonic electric toothbrush

If you've been hesitating about switching to an electric toothbrush for a long time and you want to test if it suits you without spending too much, the usmile P1 toothbrush will be perfect because it has a 6-month battery life at a rate of 2 brushings per day, offers 3 different modes according to your needs (Cleaning, Whiteness and Softness) and promises to find radiant teeth and healthier gums in just 2 weeks, all at a low price since it is currently on sale with a P1 electric toothbrush purchased, the second at -50%. Thanks to its 38,000 movements per minute, this P1 electric toothbrush can finally remove up to 12 times more dental plaque compared to a manual toothbrush.


usmile y1s sonic electric toothbrush

The latest electric toothbrush model offered by usmile is the Y1S, a toothbrush that stands out for its trendy, ergonomic design thanks to its 14 golden edges for a non-slip grip and a PA/ASA material that ensures an anti-scratch surface. mold for even healthier brushing. Thanks to its sonic motor, this toothbrush removes dental plaque more effectively and reduces the risk of gingivitis for healthier teeth in 4 weeks compared to manual brushing. Its battery lasts 6 months on this model too, which is particularly handy, especially as the toothbrush can be charged via a USB port and is compatible with a smartphone cable, ideal for carrying and using your travel toothbrush.

To learn more about this Y1S toothbrush and its design, you can watch this video:




usmile p4 sonic electric toothbrush

People with particularly sensitive teeth or gums will appreciate using the usmile P4 electric toothbrush because it has been designed for effective and painless brushing. Its 3 modes allow a very progressive brushing and perfectly adapted to the feelings of each user, small or large, since it is possible to start at the lowest intensity, then to go up gradually if desired to a medium intensity or more. high, for each of the main modes (Cleaning, Whitening or Gum Massage). Its battery also lasts 6 months with 2 uses per day, and the toothbrush is equipped with a sonic motor that vibrates 38,000 times per minute at 60 db for effective cleaning and optimal plaque removal.

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