usmile Unveils Its 3 New Electric Toothbrushes

By Adrian, 2022/02/23

usmile sonic electric toothbrush u3

It is not difficult to make an electric toothbrush that can attract users at a "low price", but it is difficult to capitalize on the long term in this industry. As soon as it entered the market, the usmile brand understood that selling a product does not mean being able to establish itself firmly in the market. If you want to stand out, you have to build a moat that can withstand all product tests and uses.

In this sense, the usmile brand today unveils its 3 new electric toothbrush models on the French market that we present to you in this article.

usmile P1: Your first electric toothbrush

The usmile P1 sonic electric toothbrush is the cheapest of the three models presented. However, it differs greatly from an ordinary toothbrush with 200 times more vibration (38,000 movements/min) and removes plaque 12 times more actively (up to 70% more effective).

usmile sonic electric toothbrush P1

Say goodbye to stains on teeth with the cleaning mode of your choice: Clean, White, and Gentle. 3 different modes to meet your needs in different conditions.

A full charge allows you an operating autonomy of up to 180 days if you use it twice a day with 2 minute sessions each time.

Another good point, the charging port is USB Type-C and therefore compatible with your phone cable. Ideal for travel.

usmile sonic electric toothbrush p1

usmile P4: Sensitive care electric toothbrush

Second model presented, the usmile P4. This more upscale model has the same benefits as the P1 version but stands out because it is designed for sensitive teeth that need painless and effective brushing.

usmile soft bubbles sonic electric toothbrush p4

This model allows a real brushing plan for beginners. Start with the gentlest intensity, equipped with the soft DuPont nylon brush head (which uses the world's most advanced copper-free flocking technology), it cleans your teeth gently and allows the novice to adapt gradually.

3 Modes for diversified cleaning needs are also present:

- Clean Mode: Daily cleaning of dental tartar.

- White Mode: Deep cleans stubborn stains and brightens your teeth.

– Massage mode: Massage the gums to prevent swelling and bleeding.

The patented gentle micro-bubble motor cleans away limescale with ease. A stronger power, allows a denser foam and a better cleanliness.

A single charge also allows an autonomy of up to 180 days and the port and also in USB Type-C, ideal to avoid having several different cables on the move.

usmile soft bubbles sonic electric toothbrush

usmile Y1S: Brushing teeth in style

Designed for a better oral care solution, this Y1S model stands out for its chic design and has won 13 international design awards, including the German Red Dot Design award.

sonic electric toothbrush y1s

The Y1S has been co-developed by over one million users. The ergonomic handle is shaped like a Roman column and has 14 golden ridges ensuring a non- slip shape.

The surface is mildew resistant thanks to an ABS material developed by usmile.

Powered by a sonic motor developed by the brand, this model can remove plaque and gingivitis more effectively compared to a manual toothbrush.

Like the previous models, the battery is long-lasting (up to 180 days at the rate of 2 brushings per day of 2 minutes) and the port is USB Type-C.

usmile sonic electric toothbrush y1s

usmile electric brushes have several advantages

In the five years since entering the industry, usmile has developed self-developed motors and circuit chips, which have broken down the long-standing competitive barriers built by large international companies on a technical level. It is also reported that usmile has recently developed the latest generation of patented sine wave drive technology, which effectively improves the cleaning power of electric toothbrushes and the plaque removal effect. In addition, the company would hold more than 300 patents thanks to a deep and continuous culture in the field of research and technological development.


Below you will find some advantages specific to the brand's electric toothbrushes:

  • Long-lasting battery: One full charge (USB Type-C port) provides working automomy for up to 180 days*

*The above data comes from usmile technical test center. After fully charged, use the 1st intensity level for each mode twice a day for 2 minutes each time. The battery lasts approximately 180 days, but due to differences in personal use, the duration may vary slightly. The data is provided for information purposes only.

  • Self-developed sonic motor:38000 high frequency sonic vibrations/min easily clean bacteria and stains from your teeth.usmile self-developed sonic motor
  • IPX7 waterproofing:allowing rinsing with water in complete peace of mind.
  • DuPont Toothbrush Filament:Provides both teeth cleaning and oral care.

gentle care for sensitive gums and teeth

  • Smart Timer: Lasts 2 minutes and zone change reminder every 30 seconds.
  • Multiple Cleaning Modes:To meet a variety of user needs.

About usmile: This leading Asian oral care brand has won several Design Awards, is present in no less than 5,000 physical stores and is currently owned by Guangzhou Stars Pulse Co. Ltd. It is committed to enhancing the oral care experience with a full line of products including sonic toothbrush, dental flosser, toothpaste, floss and mouthwash. Over the past 5 years, usmile has reached approximately 3.7 billion RMB (500 million euros).


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