usmile Cordless Ultrasonic Water Flosser CY1

Dental-Level Flossing On-the-Go

Where to Buy
A Water Flosser Full of Tech
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    Customized Flossing Experience

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    Thoughtful Compact Design

  • 90 Days of Battery Life

Use it. See it. Feel it

Customized flossing plan fulfills personal dental situations.

  • 4 Cleaning Modes (Massage/Soft/Normal/Intense):
    Floss freely as you like.

  • 3 High-Pressure Jet Tips (Cleaning/Sensitive/Orthodontic tip):
    Get interdental cleaning done for diversified oral health conditions.

  • 3-Second Ascension Tech:
    Add intensity gradually for the first 3 seconds, special care for beginners.

The Edge to Edge Distinction

With a compact size and cordless design, CY1 makes it easy to refresh your mouth anytime, anywhere.

Next-level Tech on Display

One charge lasts up to 90 days, say goodbye to battery anxiety.

The data above come from usmile technical testing center. The 90-day operational time is based on one, 1-minute flossing session per day under Massage mode after the battery is fully charged.

That's Not All

On top of their chic design and excellent performance, our water flossers have so much more to offer. Discover what else makes them so special.

180ml Detachable Reservoir

Enough to use, easy to clean, making your life as simple as the way you floss.

Automatic 2-minute Power-off

Automatically shut down in 2 minutes to avoid dry burning, which may damage the water flosser.

IPX7 Waterproof Rating

With the IPX7 rating, our water flossers can be used even in the shower, making your morning and night routine more efficient.

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