usmile Future One Smart Sonic Electric Toothbrush F1

Smart Oral Care Solutions and Experience, Made Simple.

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A Toothrush Full of Tech
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    AI-Powered Technology

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    usmile's smart APP

  • The Dramatically Long Battery Life

Use it. See it. Feel it.

The Artificial Intelligence algorithms of F1 use 6 built-in chips to learn and adapt to your brushing style, reaching 95.81% plaque cleaning.

The Edge to Edge Distinction

Combined with the timely feedback of usmile's smart APP, our most advanced sonic electric toothbrush can assess your brushing behavior and deliver a next-level professional clean feeling with 8 smart modes and 4 intensity levels.

Next-level Tech on Display

The algorithm structure utilizes three high-tech chips to achieve incredible battery efficiency, enabling F1 to operate up to 365 Days after a 5-hour full charge.

That's Not All

On top of their chic design and excellent performance, our toothbrushes have so much more to offer. Discover what else makes them so special.

Premium Brush Heads with Diamond-shaped Reminder Bristles

  • This special diamond-shaped and visual color fading design will not only allow you to remove up to 95% more plaque, but also will remind you when to replace your brush Bristles.
  • Fading-Color brush head reminds you of the in-time replacement for enduring cleanability..

Premium Travel Case

Equipped with UV light, the sleek, premium travel case can store and sterilize brush heads, empowering an ultra-clean and safe traveling experience.

A Leap in Waterproof Technology

F1 is optimized for water resistance. As our first sonic electric toothbrush with the IPX8 rating, it can be immersed in over one meter of water, making it safer than ever to use in the shower.

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