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Who We Want in Our Fam
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    Dental Professionals

    Whether you are a Dentist, Dental Hygienists, or Dental Assistant, we want you expertise.

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    The Genuinely Kind

    You want to make a difference, help defeat problems that have been haunting the community for too long.

  • Connectors

    You understand the value of inclusivity and know how to influence people in a positive and empowered manner.

How It Work

Step 1:Put our products to the test

Fill out a super simple application, and once approved, we will send our products to you for a discounted rate or for free.

Step2: We are all ears for you

After using our products for a while, we want to hear your expert opinion and insightful feedback on how we can improve them.

Step 3: We are obliged to you

To show our gratitude, you will be added to our ambassador list and get featured on our website and social media. What is more, we will also offer you an ambassador code to earn 5% commission on any qualifying items succesfully purchased by a customer you recommend.
Brand Ambassador Perks
As a usmile Brand Ambassador, you’ll enjoy awesome perks, discounted/free products and 5% cash commission on every qualifying purchase! And That is not enough! Your patients, friends, and family members will get 10% off their purchase, too!
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    Cash Commission

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    Exclusive Content

  • Community Connection

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    VIP Giveaways

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    Other Sweet Rewards

Frequently Asked Questions
Long story short, usmile Ambassadors help us raise oral health awareness, perfecing our products while earning commission along the way! Our Ambassadors are outgoing dental experts who are motivated to make a difference.
Our Amassadors will get access to a lot of cool perks, including exclusive content, VIP giveaways, and 5% commission. They will also receive an exclusive referral code that their friends, family, and patients can use to shop at 10% off.
To be an usmile Ambassador, you must be working in the oral care industry. From Dentist, Dental Hygienists, to Dental Assistant, we want you in our family.

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