usmile Soft Bubbles Sonic Electric Toothbrush P4

Designed for sensitive teeth that need painless and effective brushing.

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A Toothbrush Full of Tech
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    Soft Micro-bubble Motor

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    Sensitive Care Specialty

  • 180 Days Battery Life

Use it. See it. Feel it

The self-developed soft micro-bubble motor with speed up to 38,000 rpm, providing a gentle yet effective clean feel every day.

The Edge to Edge Distinction

With 3 thoughtful modes and intensity levels, P4 is specially designed for sensitive care.

  • Clean- daily teeth cleaning
  • White- remove surface stains and polish teeth
  • Massage-gum care, preventing swelling and bleeding

Next-level Tech on Display

One 4-hour full charge can last up to 6 months, breaking through the 60-year-long technological ceiling for battery life.

*The data above come from usmile technical testing center. The 6-month operational time is based on two, 2-minute low-intensity level brushing sessions per day after the battery is fully charged.

That's Not All

On top of their chic design and excellent performance, our toothbrushes have so much more to offer. Discover what else makes them so special.

Progressive Solutions for New Starters

Starting from the lowest intensity level with DuPont soft brush head, P4 can provide gentle cleaning with gradual adaptation.

Smart 2-minute Timer

Together with a built-in 30-second zone change reminder, a thorough clean is ensured with the right amount of time.

Auto Vibration-Reducing Tech

This technology allows P4 to automatically reduce vibration power when needed to protect gums.

IPX7 Waterproof Rating

With the IPX7 rating, our toothbrushes can be used even in the shower, making your morning and night routine more efficient.

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