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Sonic Electric Toothbrush Y1S

The classic sonic toothbrush, guarding 5.2 million+ smiles and counting.

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All-around Oral Care Pro

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Sonic Electric Toothbrush

Beauty with Brains.

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Water Flosser

The Squeaky Clean Feeling.

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The Classic Powered Toothbrush,
Choice of Over 5 Million Users

Sonic Electric Toothbrush Y1S

- Healthier Oral Condition in 4 Weeks
- Long-lasting Battery Life of Up to 180 Days
- Auto Vibration-Reducing Tech to Protect Gums

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A True 4-in-1 Sonic Toothbrush,
Providing 4 Customizable Oral Care Scenarios

Marble-art Sonic Electric Toothbrush U2S

- One Toothbrush for Complete Care
- One Full Charge Can Last Up to 180 Days
- Exceptional Care Personalized to You With 12 Different Brushing Options

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Dental-level Flossing On-the-Go

Cordless Ultrasonic Water Flosser CY1

- Compact, Cordless, and Convenient With 180ml Detachable Reservoir
- 90-Day Battery Life on a Full Charge
- Personalized Care With 4 Flossing Modes and Newbie-friendly 3-Second Crescendo


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